Improve education, training and workplace safety with real-world simulations.


Review product designs with clients & draw together in
VR environments.


Demonstrate large equipment & thousands of products @ trade shows.

A new way to design…


If you’re a manufacturer or product design team, imagine working together with clients in 3D to review products, enhance features and troubleshoot problems. 3D design reviews save project time and money by closing the decision loop sooner.


Collaborating together…

If the terms AR, XR and VR sound like sci-fi spaceship acronyms, don’t worry, we understand.  Our experienced consultants and human-centered design process (HCD) works with you to identify the best 3D development targets to save money and time.

Education Applications
Training Scenarios
Trade Shows
design for a new century

Creating with AR, XR & VR…

We started CodeReal to answer a need for next generation design, learning and training solutions.  We believe these amazing technologies should be affordable for organizations and companies of all sizes. That’s why we use open source solutions like Blender and Unity to generate experiences for a variety of platforms including WebGL, mobile, ARCore, AR Kit, Hololens. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Quest & Valve Index. 

CAD? – We can do that too!

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Our philosophy

Develop tomorrow today

CodeReal works with educational institutions, non-profits and businesses to create accessible 3D applications that save money, time and increase ROI to hit project KPIs. 

If your company or organization would like to explore the possibility of securing grant-funded opportunities to create immersive solutions in your area of expertise, give us a call. We are willing to work with you to co-write grants for 3D application development.

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