VR & HR Produce Results

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VR & HR Produce Results

Human Resource departments in a variety of fields are discovering that VR is an invaluable tool in a variety of ways. From pre-employment screening to onboarding, initial training, and continuing safety education, VR saves time and helps employees hit KPIs on schedule via enhanced job skills support. VR also allows for social distancing when necessary, thereby keeping a level of safety for everyone. It is a great compliment to more traditional training methods.

Studies show that immersive learning, hands-on, is physically engaging, enhances skill retention and can actually make training fun. Instead of passive learning, VR engages the employee in a way traditional training just can’t. Studies show, e.g., vr-study-2020, that employees trained with VR are far more prepared for handling their responsibilities on day one. VR training leads to less turnover due to employees’ ability to go back and review material easily.

CodeReal uses human-centered design to customize a solution based specifically on your company’s standards and practices policies so that you can train consistently no matter who facilitates or where training takes place. This is particularly attractive for decentralized training at branch locations.

We are confident that once you begin using VR to complement your training programs, you will see a significant ROI quickly.

–Don Group is Director of Business Development. Contact him at don@codereal.io.