About Us

Mission Statement

CodeReal’s mission is simple. We want to transform the way businesses and organizations communicate, design, educate, manufacture, and understand technical information. We develop 3D, virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and mixed reality (XR) solutions for construction, enterprise, education, manufacturing as well as academic researchers. 

Who are we?

CodeReal, LLC was founded by Diane Bowser and Erron Flaherty in 2018 to provide 3D simulation building, 3D student experiences, and education tools for K-12 students and researchers. Previously both partners worked as consultants for another software provider using VR applications to meet marketing and safety training needs for engineering and manufacturing clients.

Diane J. Bowser, Ph.D. (CodeReal Co-Founder & HCD Specialist)

Diane is a human-centered design (HCD) Specialist who both develops and researches changes in human-computer interaction and human-centered design. After a career in academia researching consciousness in web environments, Diane decided to join the startup universe and build VR/Mobile/Web technologies focused on IoT applications and simulated environments.  Over the last seven years, Diane has been a CPO (Chief Product Officer and Senior UI/UX Designer at RedMorph, LLC, SSG, LLC, and OpenArc, LLC. Presently she is building a visual interface language for AR/VR and collaborating on grant projects.

Erron Flaherty (CodeReal Co-Founder, Software Architect)

Erron Flaherty spent the last decade as a software architect and solutions provider.  Prior to founding CodeReal, Erron worked for the University of Pittsburgh and was a Lead Software Engineer at OpenArc working on information management solutions for small-medium-sized businesses (SMB), VR, and simulated environments.  In the world of 3D, Erron completed VR projects for Parker-Hannifin International, an industrial client wanting to deliver high-quality simulated experiences at trade shows and marketing events. He also designed a training simulation for the MSA International Safety Division to help new employees learn to use gas detection and confined-space extraction safety equipment in emergency situations. Currently, he is working on 3D simulation building tools.

What do we do?

Our business works with clients to develop innovative 3D, hands-on training simulation, and marketing tools. In the present business climate, we want to return value by meeting the online needs presented by current social-distancing challenges. We also develop AR and VR experiences for events, marketing, and education conferences. Using CAD & 3D modeling, we develop each project to client budget specifications. CodeReal is cost-effective for all of your marketing, training, and simulation scenario needs. 

CodeReal also works with local and regional K-12 education partners to design and develop a curriculum that integrates STEAM skills into primary/secondary education.  We have successfully written grants with education partners to build and design 21st-century educational solutions integrating math, science, and technology skills through the introduction of 3D modeling, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) media.