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Lean and Mean

A recent paper in Advances in Manufacturing II, titled AR and VR in Lean Manufacturing Classes the authors discuss applications of VR and AR as a tool in teaching students how to effectively and efficiently implement lean principles

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VR & HR Produce Results

Human Resource departments in a variety of fields are discovering that VR is an invaluable tool in a variety of ways. From pre-employment screening to onboarding, initial training, and continuing safety education, VR saves time and helps employees hit KPIs on schedule via enhanced job skills support. VR also allows for social distancing when necessary, …

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Virtual Reality: A Serious Tool for Business!

Tools such as the telephone, the typewriter, and the desktop computer gradually evolved from novelties to business necessities. At CodeReal, we believe wholeheartedly that VR will also become one of those must-have tools that you can’t imagine doing without. Over the next few weeks, we are going to explore a variety of ways that virtual …

Code Real Launch – At Last!

Hi! This is our first official blog post. This blog chronicles our AR/VR design & development journey. We’ll talk tech, post videos, show our work and describe what it’s like to create and collaborate while working 100% remote. Presently we’re working on a simulation project with The Challenger Center at Wheeling University, exploring grants with …